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Welcome to The PC Manager, LLC a Full Service Computer Consulting
Company that specializes in Information Technology and Security Solutions. We offer Professional Services and Products focused on the design, implementation and management of simple and complex Business Networks and Secure Network Infrastructures.

We custom build Intel based Servers and Workstations. We also provide Firewall Intrusion Technologies, Anti Virus Protection, EMAIL SPAM Removal, Spyware Prevention, plus Web Design, Web Hosting, Network Cabling both wired and wireless.

Established in 1987, The PC Manager, has been dedicated to keeping up with today's technology for tomorrow's business needs. We serve Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties with a dedicated staff of professionals with over 40 years of experience in helping companies continue to succeed.

Windows 10 Upgrades from Windows 7 Forward to Be Free for All (For a Year)

Consumers and businesses proved that if they don't like a version of Windows, they're happy to stick with it forever. That's part of the reason why Windows XP, even unsupported and older than some teenage children, is still in use. Microsoft simply isn't willing to let Windows 7, the last truly loved OS out of Redmond, to become the next XP. As a result, for the first year after launch, anyone running a PC with Windows 7 or later will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 absolutely free. Furthermore, Windows phones running 8.1 will also get a free uprade to Windows 10.

It's a bold move from Microsoft, and marks the first time in history a completely new version of Windows will be given away to such a large quanity of previous users. Historically, Windows XP SP2 (pretty much a new OS from Windows XP) and Windows 8.1 were free, but only to users running the immediately previous version.

CryptoLocker decrypted: Researchers reveal website that frees your files from ransomware

The CryptoLocker ransomware is as simple as it is devastating: Once it worms its way onto your system, it encrypts all of your precious files using strong AES-256-bit cryptography, which is virtually impossible to break if you don’t know the private key (read: secret code) required to unlock it. Pay the attackers $300, and they’ll give you the key. Don’t pay, and your files stay scrambled forever.

Until now.Researchers from FireEye and Fox-IT have managed to recover the private encryption keys used by CryptoLocker’s authors, as well as reverse-engineer the code powering the malware itself—meaning the firms can unlock your files. And while they could no doubt make a pretty penny selling that service to victims at a price far less than CryptoLocker’s $300 Bitcoin ransom, the security firms are taking the high road, and providing the private key details for free via the just-launched Decrypt CryptoLocker website.

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